Friday, May 01, 2015

Imbroglio at Jihad Watch comments

There's one particular commenter at Jihad Watch who goes by the name of Phillip Jihadski and who routinely, over months and years, has been attacking me in various comments threads over there.  That by itself wouldn't be all that remarkable; after all, I'm an Internet veteran and I've been around the Forum Block a few times in my time and I'm no stranger to various misfit (if not at times sociopathic) behavior from sundry motley individuals.

What lifts this Phillip Jihadski fellow from a minor irritant to a medium-sized nuisance is that he counts so many Jihad Watch regulars as friends, and all the while he has been behaving like a playground bully with anger management issues, lashing out at me with outrageously abusive invective (the reader will see what I'm talking about in my post below and more, if he follows my links), his friends either defend him, or turn the other way and pretend that he's not doing what he's doing.  And a few of these individuals I once counted as friends, too.  So the real problem is not so much Phillip Jihadski, but his friends who for some reason perpetuate a co-dependent relationship of enabling his abusive behavior.

In one particular recent comments thread at Jihad Watch, the discussion surrounding this very sub-topic burgeoned and then subsequently exploded with commentary from all concerned.  I too weighed in -- until, when I felt I needed to say my last piece this morning, I proved unable to post there any longer.  Obviously, the site managers had decided to block any further posts from me.

So here is that final post from me.  I encourage my reader to also go to the link above and swim around in the context of my final post, to get a good feel for the social dynamics there.  My nickname at Jihad Watch comments has been "voegelinian".  At the beginning of my final post, I reference one "Wellington" -- he is one of the Jihad Watch regulars who refuses to do the right thing and scold Phillip Jihadski with verve appropriate to the latter's behavior.   Instead, Wellington gently and respectfully chides him, as though Phillip Jihadski deserved being treated as a fellow gentleman.

Without futher to-do, here is my final post (all bolding is added by me for emphasis):

Wellington with genteel & gingerly civility counseled:

"To the extent we are able, bury the differences. To the extent we are able, think broad coalition."


“To you, PJ, and to Angemon, I understand your frustration with voegelinian…”

There's no coalition, broad or otherwise, possible with someone who numerous times, out of the blue, calls one names such as “donkey” and “jackass”.

Aside from the exhibit A from his various ejaculations above on this thread (throughout which he calls me "donkey" some nine times (then has the gall to assert with a straight face that calling someone "donkey" is not an insult) – Phillip Jihadski (PJ) has posted things like:

"Keep your demands to yourself, Jackass. You don’t dictate to me or anybody else, creep."

[As I pointed out at the time, in the post which PJ was responding to, I wasn't "demanding" anything; indeed, my post didn't even mention PJ at all. I was merely suggesting that social media like Facebook are important for the Counter-Jihad to take account of in its war of ideas. What prompted him to lash out in hate-spittled vituperation against me is between him and his hairdresser, I suppose.]

Philip Jihadski says April 28, 2015 at 5:29 am

My God! Do you ever write anything short and concise? Or are you only concerned with your own narcissism and throwing out 5 dollar words, so as to try to puff yourself up?

Guess what? It ain’t workin’, Donkey Boy. So sick of your long-winded bullshit! Keep it short, Donkey.

Philip Jihadski says August 9, 2014 at 12:43 pm
“and one main indication of how deeply the West is asleep at the switch on this is that most in the Counter Jihad agree that we “cannot” deport Muslims.”

You’re lying again, Jackass. When are you going to stop flogging that dead horse with a whip made of lies? It’s symptomatic of a deep pathology. “Most” of us in the CJ are all for deporting Muslims who break our laws vis a vis treason. Again, you are simply lying. What MANY of us are against is your stupid, illegal and seditious dream of TOTAL DEPORTATION OF ALL MUSLIMS.

Now get it straight, Jackass – stop putting words in peoples’ mouths, admit defeat and go seek counseling, for you are one, disturbed puppy.

[Phillip Jihadski in his abusive fury there doesn’t really make a cogent point. His dispute about my “most” vs. his “many” is childish quibbling; and he accuses me of “lying” about the disagreement I point out from most Jihad Watchers (“most”, “many” – it’s not a science, it’s subjective impression as to the numbers) concerning deportation, when in the next breath he accuses me of advocating total deportation as opposed to partial deportation. So which is it? It’s both, apparently, to Phillip Jihadski.

And as I pointed out at the time:

voegelinian says August 9, 2014 at 9:41 pm  

PJ knows that my advocacy of deportation is for all Muslims, not for some on the basis of some magical distinction we cannot make between harmless and dangerous Muslims. So why he’s pretending like he doesn’t know this, I have no idea.

Anyway, somewhere in the tortured fury of his comment lies the fact: I advocate total deportation, and other than one or two individuals over the years who are the exception that tends to prove the rule, I have received nothing from fellow Jihad Watch commenters about this but either 1) flack (escalated to hate-spittling, abusively demeaning attacks from PJ); or 2) silence when being attacked by people like PJ and his seemingly more sophisticated sidekick, Angemon.

 I have a right to point this out as many times as I bloody well like, and when I get called “Jackass” and “Donkey” in the midst of seething, abusive hatred, I expect others here to tell Phillip Jihadski to knock it off – and when they don’t, over and over and over again, over months and years, I no longer respect them.]

When I posted a long, maturely worded comment (which doesn’t mean it’s perfect and error-free) about Clint Eastwood’s movie and Hollywood in general, Phillip Jihadski retorted:

 Uh huh. Just as I thought. Bloviating on and on about a movie that you have never seen! PFFT! More caca from the Jackass. Get out of mama’s basement, see the movie, then comment about it. I don’t want to read the words of a blind movie critic, thank you.

Shortly thereafter, I posted another long, detailed, maturely worded comment, and Phillip Jihadski wrote:

Philip Jihadski says April 9, 2015 at 10:24 pm  

More Caca from the Psychic Donkey:  

“…Dar-al-Islam is a real (bloody real, literally) geographical entity, however ragged it might translate due to Western Colonialism and the map-drawing consequent upon that.”

Oh, ok. So, for the thousandth time, perhaps you could enlighten us as to what those “ragged boundaries of Dar-al-Islam” are, since you concede that “colonialism and map-drawing” are partly to blame for your idiotic insistence that Dar-al-Islam has distinct geographical boundaries, and hence – it is no problem that we deport American citizens en masse to “someplace in that ragged, amorphous, geographical entity”.

[Needless to say, I wasn’t going to respond to someone who calls me a “psychic donkey” and refers to my long and detailed argument as “more caca”. That said, I don’t know why Phillip Jihadski and Angemon have such trouble with the concept of Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia (to name a few from among the nations collected under the O.I.C., reflecting a physical concretization of the Dar-al-Islam, pace the factors of Western colonialism and post-colonial cartography) -- being 1) actual geographical places, which 2) can provide space for deportees. Phillip Jihadski and Angemon can’t be this dense; can they…?

Oh but, perhaps they can – for example:

Philip Jihadski says July 10, 2014 at 6:45 pm

Voegelinian, in “reply” to Angemon: “What a silly question.”

You see? You are a jackass – you simply won’t acknowledge that your Total Deportation Scheme has been proven logically stupid. You avoid the question!... Tell us where that Muslim is going to be deported to…

I guess Phillip Jihadski and Angemon never heard of … Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia (to name a few from among the nations collected under the O.I.C., reflecting a physical concretization of the Dar-al-Islam, pace the factors of Western colonialism and post-colonial cartography) -- all told containing millions of square miles of physical space for deportees to be relocated to. Surely they can’t be this dense; some ulterior point or agenda must be operative here; if only they actually presented an argument that would advert to the relevant points…]

5) Phillip Jihadski frequently fulminates with throttled abusive belligerent hate-spittling rage at me for “lying” about his position; then he turns around and (twice) refers to me as --

Philip Jihadski says June 30, 2014 at 11:01 pm

“…somebody who openly advocates on this site for seditious schemes that would usurp the Constitution of the USA.”

[PJ has, of course, no proof for that slander against me; all he has is his subjective opinion interpreting what I have said; an opinion he seems incapable of formulating into an actual argument, opting instead to fulminate, lash out, and project.]


It is noteworthy that the presentation above, as copious as it is, represents only a small portion of the outrageous shit this Phillip Jihadski has spewed over the years against me (and against a couple of others who did not deserve it) -- virtually all of it ignored (and sometimes even defended) by the vast majority of intelligent Jihad Watch regulars who should know better. 

I once felt, years ago, that Jihad Watch comments was something of a community of concerned civilians where we could share thoughts, information, and a bit of mutual encouragement in that precious, beleaguered microcosm of a broader West seeming to have gone mad in its stubbornly blithe myopia about the problem of Islam.  While there do remain a smattering of some 3.5 individuals there I feel some warmth from and toward, any semblance of such a community I once hoped for has been, alas, long since shot to hell.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Clausewitzian twist on Jihad

In a recent notice on French lawyer Thibault De Montbrial's recent essay on the metastasizing problem of Islam in France, Hugh Fitzgerald parenthetically implies a distinction between qitaal (Arabic for "combat") and terrorism.

I would argue that terrorism is, in fact, "combat by other means" -- viz., in situations where Muslims find themselves too weak to engage in full, formal, frank military maneuvers in the supremacist-expansionist quest of their Islamic Lebensraum.  Indeed, any and everything Muslims do that is not actually killing someone is "combat by other means" -- whether it is violent jihad or the myriad modes of stealth jihad: the long struggle, spanning the epochs, to make Islam supreme.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Logic of PC MC

Yes, there is a logic to PC MC (after all, there can be a logic to various forms of madness...).

Ostensibly, it is predicated on one major factor:

1) Most Muslims Just Wanna Have a Sandwich.

And secondly,

2) We don’t want to “paint with a broad brush” and generalize from the Tiny Minority of Extremists to the vast majority of innocent Muslims around the world.

We see, therefore, a lurking assumption:

3) There is no substantial connection between the Muslims who ostensibly are harmless, and the Muslims actually perpetrating extremist acts.

#3 and #2 are considerably strengthened by a perception that the vast majority of Muslims are a collection of Ethnic Peoples, thus pushing the enormously powerful additional buttons of White Guilt and Respect for Diversity in order to Avoid Being Racist.


4) When anti-Islam analysts and pundits make statements or arguments that threaten #2, the PC MC person is psychologically prompted to go on the defensive. His defensiveness in his mind is immediately transferred to the noble and lofty (and self-righteous and ethically narcissistic) principle of defending the rights and dignity of untold millions of innocent Ethnic People.

Once we see that this is what is really going on, it no longer is a baffling mystery why the PC MCs so doggedly maintain their otherwise irrational position, and why there are so many PC MCs throughout the West -- indeed, as a dominant and mainstream sociocultural fact. And there’s no need to reach for a conspiracy theory about that Dastardly Leftist Cabal of Nefarious Elites to explain this sociopolitically broad and comprehensive Problem of the Problem (the primary Problem being Islam; the Problem of it being the continuing Western myopia to it).

Monday, April 20, 2015

Well, it's been another quiet week in Lake Mobegone...

I haven't revisited this little series of mine in about a year, as other things and essays intervened in the meanwhile (also, the construction of these pieces, using cut-&-paste from the Jihad Watch site, proved to be tediously cumbersome, due in great part to the bells and whistles of that site).

I first thought of the idea after I wrote a cheeky satire of Garrison Keillor's "News from Lake Wobegone" back in December of 2011 -- and shortly thereafter, when it occurred to me one day (more consciously than heretofore) that the mere, sheer effect on a person of being presented the horrible mountain -- or at least one small, bloody, jagged peak -- of the data which the Muslim world churns out on a daily, weekly basis would, or could, be useful.

At any rate, I now offer this latest installment of my series as one hopefully novel and palatable way to get the horrible point across, with a tip of the hat to Garrison Keillor's "News from Lake Wobegone" -- where the pun "Mobegone" (the "Mo" of course, referring to the Prophet of Islam) plays upon the double meanings of "begone", as I explain in the footnote of my first installment.

Speaking of which, I remind the reader to take a look at my four previous installments, which I have  linked at the bottom of today's post, way down below the long, horrifying list I now, without further ado, present:

Jerusalem: Muslim who rammed car into Jews says “I sought to kill Jews”
Jerusalem Post, April 21, 2015

Somalia: Islamic jihad suicide bomber murders at least ten at Mogadishu restaurant
Reuters, April 21, 2015

South Carolina Syrian-American teen, Islamic State supporter, plotted to murder U.S. soldiers
Associated Press, April 21, 2015

Alabama Muslima who joined Islamic State exhorts Muslims: “Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood…Kill them”
by Billy Hallowell, The Blaze, April 21, 2015

UK Muslim groomed friend to murder British soldiers
BBC, April 20, 2015
Turkish cops detain UK Muslim family thought to be headed for Islamic State
Reuters, April 20, 2015

Montreal Muslims had explosives, accused of trying to join jihad group
by Allan Woods, Toronto Star, April 20, 2015

San Diego: Muslims who tried to join Islamic State held without bail
FOX 5, April 20, 2015

UK cops arrest 14-year-old Muslim in connection with Australia State jihad plot
AFP, April 20, 2015

Muslims in Minneapolis, San Diego arrested in jihad terror probe
by Amy Forliti,
Associated Press, April 19, 2015

Egypt’s Mufti going to Europe to fight “radical Islam” by meeting with non-Muslims
by Menna Zaki,
Daily News Egypt, April 19, 2015
[What other religion has a major national representative of their faith making international trips to try to rectify an international problem of “radical” violence among its members?]

Pakistan: Muslim husband burns wife to death for visiting her sister without permission
, April 19, 2015

Islamic State: “You will not have safety even in your dreams, until you accept Islam”
More on this story: “‘You Will Not Have Safety Until You Accept Islam': ISIS Kills 30 Ethiopian ‘Followers of the Cross’”
by Heather Clark, Christian News

Bangladesh: Muslim mob attacks Christians, stabs priest during Easter Mass
by Sumon Corraya, Asia News

Pakistan: Muslims on motorcycles open fire on Christian school
by Samuel Smith,
Christian Post, April 17, 2015

Islamic State in Libya murders Ethiopian Christians
by Jane Onyanga-Omara, USA Today, April 19, 2015

Islamic State murders 33 (over 100 wounded) with jihad suicide bomb at bank in Afghanistan
by Lydia Willgress, MailOnline, April 18, 2015

Muslim male model from Australia dies fighting for Islamic State; Australia PM says Islamic State “not about religion”
by Jonathan Pearlman, Telegraph, April 16, 2015

Australia: Muslims plotted Islamic State-inspired jihad attack; Victoria Premier says they’re “not people of faith”, April 18, 2015

Australia: Muslims discussed killing Jews and Muhammad cartoonists
by Grant Taylor, The West Australian, April 18, 2015

Thousands of Iraqis flee as Islamic State makes gains in Sunni heartland
by Loveday Morris, Washington Post, April 17, 2015

Female genital mutilation persists in Indonesia
by Marie Dhumieres, GlobalPost, April 16, 2015

93% of Muslim women in Malaysia have suffered genital mutilation
by Gabrielle Paluch, Al Jazeera, April 2, 2015

“You must kill children without compassion” for the “path of Allah”
Asia News, April 16, 2015
[This is the testimony of a young Tajik, recruited in Moscow by the militia of the Islamic State (IS) to fight in Syria and who managed to escape.]

UK: Boney M singer’s brother, a convert to Islam, arrested for jihad terror offenses
by Justin Davenport and David Churchill, Express, April 16, 2015

Moderate Malaysia: Cops hunting for two men over Facebook insults to Islam
Bernama, April 17, 2015

Muslim refugees throw Christian refugees overboard during crossing from Libya to Italy
Associated Press, April 16, 2015

Ohio Muslim who waged jihad in Syria indicted: discussed attacking Texas military base and killing U.S. soldiers
by Adam Goldman, Washington Post, April 16, 2015

Muslim ex-rapper from Germany threatens Charlie Hebdo-style attacks: “We want your blood, it tastes so wonderful”
by Justin Huggler, Telegraph, April 15, 2015

Canada: Muslim teens in custody until Monday for fear they’ll wage jihad
The Canadian Press, April 15, 2015

Muslim from Jamaica detained in Suriname, was trying to join Islamic State
PTI, April 13, 2015

Kenya: Imam charged with recruiting youths to jihad mass murder group
The Star via, April 11, 2015

42% of Muslims in Canada think Islam and West “irreconcilable”
by Dalit Halevy and Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva, April 13, 2015

New Islamic State video calls for attacks in US, promises another 9/11
by Patrick Poole, PJ Media, April 11, 2015

Islamic State beheads “blasphemer” with meat cleaver
South Asian Media, April 13, 2015

UK Pro-jihad Muslim group boasts: “negotiating with Tory & Labour leadership”
by Andrew Gilligan, Telegraph, April 4, 2015

Why is the FBI whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11?
by Paul Sperry, New York Post, April 12, 2015

Now between 5,000 and 6,000 Muslims from Europe waging jihad in Syria
Sputnik International, April 13, 2015

UK Muslim: Asking Muslims to stop others from joining ISIS will drive them to ISIS
by Mohammed Kozbar, International Business Times, April 13, 2015

Islamic State abducts almost 120 schoolchildren in Mosul
Al-Bawaba, April 12, 2015

Spanish hairdresser converts to Islam, plots to bomb Jewish bookstore
by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage, April 12, 2015

Islamic State demands $30 million for Christian hostages
by Ariel Cohen, Jerusalem Post, April 12, 2015

Afghanistan: Jihadis murder 5 aid workers, may have poisoned 100 students
by Mirwais Harooni, Reuters, April 11, 2015

Pakistan frees mastermind of Mumbai jihad massacre, April 10, 2015

Australia: Islamic State hackers take over Hobart Airport website
by Chloe Booker, Sydney Morning Herald, April 13, 2015

UK: Muslim politician’s son arrested for trying to join the Islamic State
by Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith, Independent, April 15, 2015

Afghan Colonel was paid $250,000 to kill US personnel, Pentagon coverup ensued
by Sara Carter, senior investigative reporter for The Blaze

UK Prison Service allowing jihadi book to be distributed to inmates
by Felicity Capon, Newsweek, April 15, 2015

France: more women than men leaving for jihad in the Islamic State
ANSAmed, April 15, 2015

Danish queen: “It is vital that we give Islam opposition”
from a recent interview given in connection with the Queen’s 75th birthday (translated by Nicolai Sennels, via

Islamic State close to taking Ramadi, just 70 miles from Baghdad
by Hamdi Alkhshali, Arwa Damon and Jethro Mullen, CNN, April 15, 2015

Islamic State camp a few miles from Texas
Judicial Watch, April 14, 2015

New Jersey: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” throws lit firecrackers at synagogue
by Stefanie Dazio, Bergen Record, April 12, 2015

Seven Muslims from France in jihad suicide attacks for the Islamic State
Arutz Sheva, April 13, 2015

UAE: Indian man charged with insulting Islam on Facebook
IANS, April 14, 2015

Afghan president admits he’s losing troops to Islamic State
Associated Press, March 21, 2015

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